About Us

Brands2China Srl is the result of the family’s consolidated experience and deep knowledge of the reference markets. We began to manufacture products abroad and, in a short time, we have come to deal not only with the production cycle but also the import of porcelain products for the catering industry, PPE, plastic and metal components for various uses, medical and diagnostic devices.

For over ten years we have specialized in sourcing, always trying to represent the ideal partner for all those companies that want to bring back their production costs within a limited budget and thus always be competitive in the market. We build a customized plan based on the specific needs of our customers and find the best suppliers for them, able to offer quality standards that are always certified by our engineers at every stage of production, from sampling to mass production.

Our partners

KTK is an international company specializing in manufacturing and supplying various blow molding products.

With over 27 years of industrial experience, KTK is able to provide a fully customized integrated product solution and offer unparalleled expertise in mold design, testing, production, assembly and logistics to meet customers’ diverse needs.

KTk has the honor of serving well-known customers such as Wal-Mart, Homedepot Mercedes-Benzes, Ford, Toyota, Panasonic and HITACHI


Amera is a sourcing company owned by KTK and based in China.

HTI is a sourcing company based in Taiwan.

Since the dawn of the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency, Brands2China Srl is the first line to help the containment and management of the pandemic by giving the contribution to supply hospitals, nursing homes and other distributors with protective equipment such as masks, gloves, overalls but also medical and diagnostic-medical devices such as covid tests of various technologies. Our partner company in China has been indispensable to select the best suppliers with quality products, CE certified and comply with the standards and requirements of the European market.